Rooftop Bee Hives in Paris France!

I was amazed to see this video recently and I know you all will enjoy it too. Who would have thought of putting bee hives on the rooftops of Paris?! It was interesting to hear the bee keeper comment on the fact that “city bees” are actually happier here than in a rural setting with its pesticides and mono-culture. The bees in Paris access the lovely flower gardens in public parks as well as all the geraniums and other flowers on the balconies all over town. Especially engaging were the hives on the roofs of Notre Dame Cathedral where the director enjoys watching them from his office, and the bees at the famous restaurant La Tour d'Argent whose honey is served to its gourmet clientele. Beekeepers have been placing hives all over Paris for 8 years, and there are now a total of 300 which give 7 tons of honey a year! The Japanese are especially fond of Paris honey and it sells for 200 Euros a kilo.