"Four Letter Words" by Géraldine Lepère of Comme une Française

Géraldine Lepère of Comme une Française has boldly gone into the realm of "4-letter words" in French and guides us as to what we can say or avoid. Watch her video below. If you enjoy that then you will enjoy a conversation Géraldine and I had about French pronunciation in the video below it.

"Some French slang sounds disgusting–especially when you try to translate it literally.

They’re colourful (but mostly brown), and thrown around quite liberally in everyday situations.

Which words are we swearing with? What do they really mean? What alternatives can you use instead? Let’s find out, “bordel”!

"French pronunciation can be tough. That’s why I’m very happy to welcome Geri Metz, “The French Phonetics Fanatic,” in today’s special interview episode!

Geri is a wonderful woman, and an amazing teacher. And her actual first name is Geraldine! We’ve had a really interesting conversation about your difficulties in learning French, her ideas and experience... and the tips that will help you get a “quick win”, to get you on the journey to a flawless French pronunciation."