"Finesse your French and Sound more like a Native"

Mastering French Pronunciation: Video Course is a 8-chapter course taught by me in Video and Audio. The course material teaches the basics of good pronunciation, taking up each vowel and consonant sound in detail, but it goes much further than that. 

The core of my teaching lies in this question, “Are you speaking French with an Anglo-American mouth?”   A student can imitate the sounds of a language with fair accuracy, but if he or she is forming those sounds with the mouth posture of the English language, the result will never be authentic-sounding French.  The main emphasis of this teaching is to help you to become aware of the your native speech habits and to learn the speech habits of “the French mouth”

Course Contents:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

  • Lesson 2: The Anglo-American vs. the French mouth positions and "Open Syllabication": the French habit of ending each syllable in a vowel and anticipating the vowel. These 2 features are the heart and soul of the course, teaching "what the French do to sound French."

  • Lesson 3: Detailed pronunciation of each French vowel sound and where made in the mouth

  • Lesson 4: Vowels continued: the mute e and open/closed vowels

  • Lesson 5: Detailed pronunciation of each French consonant, with special attention to the "r".

  • Lesson 6: Consonants continued: détente; non-aspiration of consonants; semi-vowels with emphasis on the /j/

  • Lesson 7: Avoiding English habit of nasalizing all vowels, with illustrations of the French mouth

  • Lesson 8: Rhythm and Accent



"As an expat in France I struggled for ten years trying to learn the language but never felt at ease speaking because of my American accent. I had no idea how to overcome this obstacle until I discovered Geri. Her brilliant course of 8 video and audio lessons is not only the best instruction of French pronunciation techniques I've ever found - it is the only one. I cannot recommend her course highly enough." -Ruth McVeigh

Only $129 for the 8 part Audio/Video course!

  • 8 Video Lessons w/ Geri

  • 8 Audio Lessons and Practice Sessions w/ Geri

  • Video Examples of a Native French Speaker for Each Lesson

  • Class Materials to Print Out

  • 5 Hours of in Depth Instruction!

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

  • Private Tutoring Available via Skype

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NEW FEATURE! Audio Lessons and Practice Sessions spoken by Geri

Grenouille: As in most of the “hard words” listed by expats, there is that “ill” combination which seems hard to say but is really just one sound, the semi-vowel “iyuh” as in il y a.

These Lessons allow students to practice the exercises in depth and develop the authentic French sound they are seeking.  In the Audio portion of the course, Geri reviews and reinforces the teaching material of the video classes. She then models the exercises, the “homework” of each lesson, which are like doing scales for a music student. She reads the exercises: first very slowly, so students can give maximum attention to open syllabication and how to form each sound, and then working up to normal speed. This part of the teaching is really the key to Mastering the course material, so that the positions of “the French mouth” become the new habit.

In addition, the exercises are read on video by a native French speaker at normal speed so students can hear the authentic pronunciation and see the mouth positions of the speaker for reference.

Who  should take  this course?

  • Expats living in France. American expats or British expats in France will be helped to finesse their French so they sound more like a native and feel more comfortable in their daily activities.

  • French majors particularly those going overseas for Junior Year Abroad or other exchange programs. Often students have not yet had a course in phonetics and so are not aware of how to make the sounds of French. Being in France does not guarantee that you will lose your American accent!

  • Au Pair participants going to French speaking countries

  • Business people who work in France and communicate with French speakers. Clients will be impressed with your improved accent.

  • Foreign Service personnel.

  • Actors and singers

  • Travelers, who travel to France.

  • Teachers of French. (I designed the course originally to reach French teachers who are my former colleagues and whom I admire greatly for the contribution they make to promoting the French language and culture in their classes. I am hoping that many of them will take advantage of this course to perfect their accent so they can be a more accurate model for the next generation.)

Native speakers of French teaching American students will also enjoy this material, since it will help them explain to their students the mechanics of producing authentic French sounds as well as acquaint the teacher with the English speech habits their students are trying to change.

 My mission is to help you realize your goal of sounding more authentic when speaking French. Here are a couple of testimonials.

"I am loving the course so far. I have an undergrad degree in French (and in Eng and mathematics plus a MAT in mathematics with 30 years of teaching)  and took the phonetics class twice early on. However, now that I am using the language more, so much of what you say is making so much more sense to my mouth than it did early on! I'm loving it and I've only listened to the first two lessons."

"Your review of the difference between the English “r” and the French is the first that allowed me to really get it.  Now, I know that it is not about the lip position in the front of the mouth, but rather the tongue in the back of the mouth.  I think it is really “sticking” this time and that my pronunciation is significantly better.  Your description of syllabification, has also made a huge difference.  The recognition that the French end their syllables after the vowel sound, where we tend to split them between two consonants, has been huge for me.  Now I notice this when I listen to people speak and it is easier for me to acquire new words with better pronunciation.  If it were only for these two insights, your course would already be worth what I paid." -Catherine

" I am French teacher of many years, have retired twice, and am now teaching online. This format has showed me how critical it is for my pronunciation to be as clear and accurate as possible for those students." -S. Powell

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Hard Words in French #15:  the French “r”.  Many people think this uniquely French sound is hard to make and sounds harsh, but in reality it is very soft and quite easy to learn.